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GF Wedding Cake

March 5, 2010

I wrote the following two posts for my wedding blog, one in November and one in January. If you read that blog, this will be a repeat, but it occurs to me that I really should talk about my search for a gf wedding cake here. The posts are followed by an update on the situation. Enjoy!

“Sabrina on Nov 12, 2009

Finding the perfect bakery to make my wedding cake is something I’ve been stressing over for a few months now. Gluten free cake isn’t easy to make, and not many bakeries are willing to try it. And those that do often end up with a dry, crumbly mess of a cake that doesn’t taste good at all. Knowing this, I started my search very early on.

At first I started with the places recommended to me by the Celiac list-serve that I’m a member of, but as much as my fellow Celiacs seemed to like these cakes, I just didn’t. Then I found another bakery in Austin that claimed to be able to make gluten free cake. However, they had only done it a couple of times, and they could only make chocolate or vanilla. I considered trying them out anyway (my options are limited, after all), but when I went to their website to see their portfolio, I thought their cakes were downright ugly!

After that I found out about this bakery in San Antonio that was quite experienced with GF cakes, and I got very excited. They had 4 flavors to choose from, including my favorite, strawberry. I began working with the bakery owner to design my cake, and in that process I discovered that she doesn’t typically use buttercream icing. She uses a whipped cream instead, which I don’t care for as much. When I asked about getting buttercream, she first tried to tell me it might not be gluten free, which I knew to be incorrect. Then she refused to make the buttercream from scratch, saying she would have to buy boxes of mix from Whole Foods to make it. What wedding cake bakery doesn’t make their buttercream from scratch?!?!? It’s not like it’s hard! Even I could make it! At that point I decided I no longer wanted to work with that woman, and I was back to square one.

The more I searched for a bakery that could make a delicious and beautiful wedding cake, the more I started to lose hope. My dad suggested that I expand my search to include other major Texas cities, saying he would drive there and pick the cake up if that’s what it took. I began searching for bakeries in Dallas and Houston, and in the process, I stumbled upon a reference to an Austin bakery I hadn’t heard of before that makes GF cakes. I immediately went to that bakery’s website for more information, but I couldn’t find anything that suggested this place, named Torte Bella, might have what I need. I took a chance and emailed the owner anyway, and to my astonishment, she said, “No problem, we make great gluten free wedding cakes.” Wow, really??? And as it turns out, not only do they make GF cakes, they make them in just about any flavor you want!

The Fiance and I had our cake tasting at Torte Bella this evening, and we were extremely pleased with the flavor and texture of the cakes. We figured out exactly what we want for our wedding cake, and we’ll hopefully be signing a contract soon. I can’t wait for everyone to see the final product on our wedding day!”

“Sabrina on Jan 29, 2010

Currently, I’m freaking out about our wedding cake. More specifically, I’m freaking out about the possibility that our wedding cake bakery has gone out of business. For the past week (at least), the website for the bakery has been down. I emailed the owner about it, but a day later I received a delivery failure notice for the email. And so far, I’ve also been unable to reach her by phone.

A friend of mine who got married recently had her first wedding cake bakery go out of business, so I know it can happen. What I don’t know, is what I’ll do if this turns out to be the case. It was an uphill battle finding a bakery that could make a delicious gluten free wedding cake, and I was unbelievably excited and relieved when the Fiance and I found Torte Bella. If it turns out that the business is no more, I’m going to have to start my search all over again. Most likely, I won’t find another place in Austin, which will mean the added stress of getting a cake delivered from another city. I’m hoping against hope that there’s a technical problem causing the website and email failures and that the owner is just slow to respond to her phone messages. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be the case!!!”

After that last post, I received an email from Susan, one of the co-owners of Torte Bella. It read:

“We have had some changes with our company and the contact information has changed. Tracy has gotten so many requests for her sugar art that we have decided to stop taking any more cake orders and concentrate on just sugar art. We will fulfill all the signed contracts for cakes of course.”

As you can imagine, I was super relieved to get this news! It’s a shame that they will no longer be making cakes since their gf cakes are hands down the best I’ve tried. But at least I will still get my dream wedding cake! =)

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  1. August 2, 2010 8:12 pm

    Hi I just wanted to leave a comment to say that I enjoy your blog. Congratulations on a very popular site.


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