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Got Guts 5k Run/Walk and GF Food Fair

March 5, 2010

I’m sorry about my long hiatus from writing on this blog. I’ve been insanely busy planning my wedding, and I’m actually keeping another (private) blog related to that. So needless to say, this one has been neglected.

Things are good here. I’m in the process of getting my digestion issues figured out, and I’m starting to feel better. For a few days about a week ago, I had significantly back-tracked on my progress. I was really frustrated about it because I felt like for every step forward I was taking two steps back. But then I figured out I had been accidentally glutening myself for the 4 days previous! No wonder I felt so crappy! It was another case of eating a food that used to be GF, but the ingredients have changed and it now contains barley malt. Nothing like 5 days of complete misery to remind you why it’s so important to read those labels EVERY time! I quit eating the offending food, and I’m back to feeling good again.

In other news, I’m organizing a gluten free food fair! (Because I didn’t already have enough on my plate with the wedding planning. =) ) The Gots Guts 5k Run/Walk and Gluten Free Food Fair is an annual event in Austin, TX that raises money for Celiac disease research and awareness. All of the proceeds go directly to the cause – some to the national organization Gluten Intolerance Group of North America (GIG) and the rest to the local chapter, Alamo Celiac, GIG. I’m a member of Alamo Celiac, and I can attest that it’s a wonderful organization. The support group has been a huge help to me as I’ve dealt with this disease and the gluten free diet.

I attended my first Got Guts 5k and GF Food Fair in September 2008, shortly after my diagnosis. I showed up on race day, not really knowing what to expect, but hoping to have fun. I walked the 5k with my girlfriends who had gone with me for support, and then went to check out the food fair afterwords. I was blown away by the quantity and variety of GF food there, and I tasted anything and everything I could get my hands on. I even found bread that tasted relatively normal! (Before that day, my only experiences with GF bread had been more like eating sand than food.) Having only been gluten free for about 2 months, I hadn’t yet discovered foods that I liked. The Got Guts Food Fair gave me hope that I might actually enjoy food again, and I left with such a feeling of overwhelming excitement and relief that I was beaming from ear to ear.

Since that day, I’ve wanted to be involved with the Got Guts event in whatever way I could, so I could bring that same joy to others who are learning the gluten free lifestyle. Last year, I volunteered to oversee the food fair on the day of the event, and it was a lot of fun. I felt like I was in potluck heaven with so many choices that were ALL safe to eat. This year, I’m coordinating the entire food fair myself! I will be sending out my first information packets to potential participants tomorrow, starting off the process of establishing vendors for the event. My hope is for this to be our biggest food fair yet. Wish me luck!

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