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Eventful Saturday

October 4, 2010

It was an eventful Saturday.

First, some back story. Friday night I went to Bunco, which included a potluck. I brought GF pumpkin pie, and a friend of mine brought GF cupcakes. Since we had a Halloween theme, she brought chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and chocolate cookie crumbles on top. The cookie crumbles were meant to look like dirt, and she put gummy worms on top of that (sort of coming out of the center of the cupcake like they were crawling out of their hole in the dirt). The effect was quite good, and the cupcakes were delicious! At the end of the night, there were plenty of leftovers, so I brought three of the cupcakes home for consumption later. They were on a paper plate wrapped in cling-wrap, and I set them on the kitchen table at home.

Saturday morning, my husband and I got up relatively early (for a Saturday) and rode our new bikes to Pflugerville Lake and back. The round trip was just under four miles, and we were happy with how it had gone. (We’re newbies to bike riding.) However, upon arriving back home, we walked into the kitchen to discover an empty paper plate sitting on the kitchen table and a wad of cling-wrap and a bunch of chocolate crumbs on the floor. Our Great Dane, Daisy, had eaten all three of the cupcakes! Knowing that chocolate in large amounts is poisonous to dogs, I called the vet to find out if this was something we needed to worry about. The vet decided to go with caution and told us we needed to make Daisy throw up what she had eaten by making her drink several tablespoons hydrogen peroxide.

So I went to the bathroom, pulled out our bottle of hydrogen peroxide, took Daisy to the back yard, and started making her drink it one tablespoon at a time. The vet had said to use “a couple of tablespoons”, so I started with two. Nothing happened. My husband took a look at the bottle and discovered it was expired. Maybe that’s why it had no effect. So off to the store I went to purchase a new bottle. I didn’t know how time critical getting the food out of Daisy’s system was, so I rushed as quickly as I could to get back home. I fed her two more tablespoons of the (non-expired) hydrogen peroxide. Still nothing; although, it was clear that Daisy did NOT like being made to drink this stuff. On the phone with the vet: “How long should it take for the dog to throw up after we feed her the hydrogen peroxide?” “It should be pretty immediate. Just keep giving it to her a couple tablespoons at a time until she throws up.” Two more tablespoons down Daisy’s throat. By this time, I’m covered in the liquid myself, and Daisy is foaming at the mouth (it was just the hydrogen peroxide foaming when it came into contact with her skin/fur). I waited another minute, and just as I was about to give her some more, Daisy got up, walked off, and puked. Only once, but quite a lot came out. Gross, but I felt relieved. Then, to our complete horror and disgust, Daisy started to eat her own puke! We had to run over there to stop her, and my husband kept her distracted while I got a shovel and sent the mess over the fence. (It’s just a big field behind our fence – it will eventually be houses.) I called the vet back to let them know of our success, and they said that while Daisy would probably be fine (she is quite a large dog, after all), we needed to monitor her to make sure she didn’t get too sick and need to be taken to an emergency clinic.

By this time it was noon. My husband and I originally had plans to join some friends at one of their houses to watch the Texas game, but with our need to monitor Daisy, we asked everyone to come to our place instead. They were due to start arriving in one hour, and we still needed to shower (from our bike ride) and clean up around the house a bit. More rushing. Our first guest (whose house we had originally planned to go to) arrived just after 1pm to start cooking. I helped make GF meatballs while my husband finished cleaning around the house. Everyone else arrived after 2pm. We ate a delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs (much later than anticipated due to the change in venue) and finally turned on the Texas game. At half time, we took about a 30 minute break while a friend went home to feed her dog; then finished watching our team fight yet another losing battle. It was nearly 8pm by the time everyone left, and after such an eventful day, my husband and I (with a migraine) were in bed by 9pm.

Needless to say, Sunday was spent relaxing and recovering.

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  1. December 11, 2010 5:08 am

    I am helping Christal in Pflugerville with the financing for her new gluten free business. We were pleased to see you nice e-mail. I can tell you from experience that her products have been well received. She has only been baking in Bastrop for about a month (possibly less) and her stuff is the top seller in the store (gluten and gluten free). She needs that building in Pflugerville so she can meet the demand that is already there. Lots of people are wanting to order but at the little kitchen in Bastrop she can’t bake in the quantities she would like and the kitchen is being used by others.

    We want to be able to serve lunches in the beginning with daily specials. She made me a Devils Food cake for my birthday and treated me to Shepherd’s Pie which I love. Everything I have eaten is delicious and one cannot tell that it does not have gluten.

    Saw your frustration with the wedding cake. Have you talked to her? She has lots of experience with wedding cakes from her previous jobs and can definitely make yours. Since you are in the same town you should give her a call and meet and discuss it.

  2. December 13, 2010 10:17 am

    Thanks for the suggestion! I no longer need a wedding cake (I got married in April), but I will keep Christal in mind for future cakes. And I can’t wait to check out the new business when it opens!

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