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Scoliosis Follow-Up and Interesting GF Article

April 12, 2011

In my last post, I mentioned that I had been blind-sided by a diagnosis of scoliosis. Well, I spoke to my doctor, and as expected, it’s nothing I need to worry about. My doctor examined my back and informed me that my “scoliosis” is so minor he would never have noticed it if he hadn’t been looking for it. He said that if you took 100 random people off the street and checked them all for scoliosis, over half of them would have a tiny bend like mine, and it means nothing. Hooray! That’s one health problem I can cross off my list.

In other news, I found an interesting article on CNN Health this morning related to the gluten free diet. These articles are popping up more and more in the news these days as the GF diet grows in popularity, and most of them just give a basic overview of Celiac disease as the cause for the diet. What’s interesting about today’s article, called “Will a gluten-free diet improve your health?”, is that it goes into some detail about another less-known problem: gluten sensitivity/intolerance. I encourage you to read the article to learn more.

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